Lahti Sisu is a start-up rugby club located just north of Helsinki in the small city of, yep you guessed it, Lahti! The word Sisu is taken from the Finnish language which cannot be directly translated into English. It can be loosely translated to mean stoic determination, grit, bravery, resilience, perseverance and hardiness. All of these attributes, in short, make up the foundation of a great rugby player.


Rugby is taking the World by storm and here at Lahti Sisu, we aim to take rugby in Lahti to a whole new level. The Finnish sport scene is dominated largely by ice-hockey but here at Lahti Sisu, we want this to change. Speaking to many locals, they view Rugby as a barbaric sport played by angry old men where injuries are a given. This couldn't be farther from the truth! Rugby is a sport where anyone of any size can fit in and be a great part of a team. Whether you are small and quick, large and slow or a bit of both, there is always a place for you on the Rugby field. It is a contact sport, no doubt, but there is no reason to fear it. A great part of rugby is also the community. Each team is surrounded by great people, from both Finland and afar. We work together, regardless of race and have great fun doing so!


If you like overcoming adversities and challenging yourself daily, we have the solution for you! If you have the characteristics of Sisu, you are welcomed to join our team! So whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, we invite you to come and join us!

"Live for the moment. Live for this."

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